Next-level EV Tape Solutions in Europe

With the transition of mobility and transportation towards more battery electric vehicles, the need for solutions that allow EV batteries to last longer, reach further and maximize safety even in high power-density pack designs is growing fast. As a key solution provider in the automotive and EV industry, Saint-Gobain® has created new capabilities at our site in Kolo, Poland. Capabilities specifically designed to help serve European customers with high-end materials even better and provide added value that goes beyond industry leading tape solutions.


How Customers Can Benefit from New Capabilities

A completely new production line together with internal restructuring has just been launched to maximize added value for our customers. Located in the heart of Poland, where our customers benefit from minimized lead times and high flexibility in serving market and customer needs, the new thermal management production line is specialized to maximize efficiency in manufacturing thermally conductive silicone gasketing foams — especially for EV battery and powertrain system applications.

State-of-the-art equipment paired with smart and innovative design details provides the highest safety and protection of workers while guaranteeing excellent product quality and world-class production efficiency. Combined with outstanding conversion capabilities and expertise of the local teams, having all relevant production steps in-house is a big advantage and time-saver for the automotive industry.


A Great Team Effort

Launching the new production line three months before the planned completion date is a great success story for the team. This was only made possible through close collaboration between Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions experts from North America, Asia and the local teams in Poland, as well as other European countries, making this a real global achievement.


"Building a new production line is not just about machinery and technology; it's a testament to the dedication, hard work, collaboration and innovation of our team. From the initial concept to the final execution, our team has shown commitment and tireless effort to make this vision a reality."

Phil Guy, General Manager, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions


This is another great example of the added value of working with a global leader dedicated to regional expertise and support. Bringing together the advantages of a small, personal, flexible and nimble business with the diverse expertise and strong backing of a large company means localized support with access to a world of possibilities.


"I am proud to have overcome a variety of challenges and uncertainties together with the team and meet challenging deadlines. Every time I see the “before and after” photos of the area where the production line is installed it makes me smile – especially when I hear about the satisfaction of colleagues with line functionality and result."

Kamil Makowski, Project Manager, Saint-Gobain


Added value that goes beyond

The new production line and ability to serve European automotive customers faster is only one positive aspect of the project. With significant reduction of transportation needs due to more regional production, hundreds of tons of CO2 will be saved each year. This helps to meet the ambitious sustainability goals of our customers and Saint-Gobain on our way to “Making the world a better home”.

Hand in hand with creating additional production capabilities, new testing and quality control capabilities have been implemented. The in-house laboratory has been equipped with high-tech testing equipment and our teams are trained to ensure consistent quality at the highest level.


"Being able to count on the expertise and knowledge of our local and global teams, high-end equipment and intense training makes me proud. This is the backbone of the special customer relations and satisfaction we experience."

Malgorzata Pawlowska, Plant Manager, Saint-Gobain


These high production standards are proven by third-party certification of the site like DIN ISO 9001 & 14001 and can be experienced in customer plant tours.