Surface Solutions for Modular Construction

Our bonding, finishing, shaping, protection, and insulation solutions streamline the supply chain for modular construction manufacturers. By seamlessly combining multiple solutions, we enhance the efficiency of crucial assemblies in the factory, ensuring secure bonds and expediting onsite finishing of OSM structures while meeting local requirements.


Engineered adhesive solutions for diverse bonding applications, including structural adhesives, adhesive tapes, and foams tailored to meet customer requirements in any environment. Our exceptional co-development capability enables customized solutions for specific applications.

Shaping & Finishing: Abrasives

We offer a comprehensive range of cutting tools and sanding discs tailored to various materials used in modular construction. This ensures precise dimensional tolerances, leading to increased productivity, cost reduction, and faster lead times for your project.


Protection: Films & Tapes

Flexible and transparent solar control and safety films serve as a protective barrier, enhancing the longevity of modular structures by preventing physical damage and degradation from exposure to the elements. These films can also improve energy efficiency and enhance thermal performance.

Aesthetics: Abrasives, Films and Tape

Abrasives for hand and power tool sanding on various substrates (metal, plaster, plastic, wood, etc.) prior to painting or varnishing. Masking tape for protection against paint, spray, dirt, or damage. No-nail adhesives, instant glues, specialty adhesives, tapes, and double-sided tapes. Additionally, we provide decorative films for windows and mirrors.

Insulation: Gaskets, Waterproofing and Sealants

Solutions for thermal, acoustic, and vibration damping, including noise absorption, and weather proofing sealants. We offer spacer tapes and very low VOC adhesives. Sealing tapes for off-site applications for higher productivity and quality. Tailored solutions for acoustic separation and heat/fire protection are also available. 


  • Structural and Non-Structural Components

    Load bearing components such as trusses, columns, beams, and staircases. 

  • Panels or 2D-Modules

    Façades, walls, floors, ceiling panels, and roofs constructed from wood, metal, concrete or multi-materials (sandwich panels). 

  • 3D Modules

    Volumetric components for constructing lightweight buildings.

  • Bathroom and Kitchen Pods

    Repetitive units requiring high level finishing. 

  • Relocatable Modules

    Construction site sheds and temporary structures