CO2 Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions

Accelerating our journey to minimize our environmental footprint is paramount, aligning with Saint-Gobain's steadfast commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon status by 2050. In pursuit of our 2030 Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi) goal to reduce our CO2 emissions (scopes 1&2) by 33% compared to 2017 levels, our teams across all our plants are tirelessly implementing new initiatives to slash carbon emissions.

Our trajectory demonstrates a consistent downward trend in emissions year after year. These significant achievements undergo rigorous annual audits and are transparently disclosed to the public through platforms such as the CDP and SBTI.

As shown by the chart, by surpassing our 2030 SBTI target in 2023, we are steadfast in our commitment to continue striving toward the Net Zero target for 2050. Our dedication to sustainability remains unwavering as we forge ahead on this transformative journey.

Water Withdrawal

CO2 emissions present a significant challenge in the fight against climate change, yet they represent just one aspect of our environmental impact on the planet. We are also deeply engaged in active efforts to preserve water resources, recognizing it as the next critical frontier. With a well-defined roadmap in place, we are steadily reducing our water withdrawals year-on-year and are on track to achieve our 2030 target by the end of 2024, aiming for a 50% reduction compared to 2017 levels.

Non Valorized Waste

In addition to water preservation, we are committed to leveraging the circular economy to safeguard our planet's resources. Setting ambitious targets for reducing non-valorised wastes, we have implemented clear action plans that drive year-on-year reductions, positioning us for successful attainment of our 2030 goal to reduce such wastes by 50% compared to 2017 levels.