• Training for 24 women from disadvantaged backgrounds

    For three months, they were trained in painting, sanding and polishing at specialized schools, Norton workshops and those of its partners. They also received financial assistance, psychological support and career guidance.

  • Certified Automotive Success

    Certified Automotive Success — the IATF 16949 Certification

    As a leading supplier of the automotive industry, Saint-Gobain® has fulfilled IATF 16949 standards for many years and we are proud that the Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions site in Biandrate


    Saint-Gobain Abrasives, operating under the Norton brand, introduces its latest innovation in abrasive technology: RazorStar®. Made with precision-engineered shaped ceramic grain, Norton RazorStar® abrasive belts and fibre discs redefine metal grinding, preparation, bevelling, and deburring applications across various industries

  • Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions invests in ISYBOT

    Paris, 14th June 2023 - ISYBOT, a French start-up designing collaborative robots for ... CALAO FINANCE). Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions invests in ISYBOT ...

  • Next-level EV Tape Solutions in Europe

    With the transition of mobility and transportation towards more battery electric vehicles, the need for solutions that allow EV batteries to last longer, reach further and maximize safety even in high power-density pack designs is growing fast.

  • SGSS and AMT sign a strategic alliance agreement

    Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) sign a strategic alliance agreement to fuel the growth of 3D Printing Post Processing

  • Discussing Trends that Sustain EV Growth at The Battery Show 2023

    Nearly every major auto-manufacturer is charged up for an all-electric future. The competition to deliver faster charging, improved motor performance with higher capacity and extended driving range is revving up.