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Published March 12, 2024

Norton Introduces RazorStar® Abrasive Belts and Fibre Discs: A Game-Changer in Metal Grinding

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, operating under the renowned Norton brand, proudly unveils its latest advancement in abrasive technology: RazorStar®. Crafted with precision-engineered shaped ceramic grain, Norton RazorStar® abrasive belts and fibre discs revolutionize metal grinding, preparation, bevelling, and deburring across a multitude of industries including fabrication, general engineering, foundry, construction, oil & gas, rail, aerospace, medical, and automotive.

The culmination of substantial research and development investment, Norton RazorStar® sets a new benchmark in grinding performance across the board. Jean-Claude Lasserre, General Manager of Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions, emphasizes its significance, stating, "This breakthrough in next-generation technology represents a pivotal milestone in metal grinding. We are meeting the evolving demands of our industries by offering our customers unparalleled cut rate, longevity, and abrasive quality to enhance productivity while reducing overall abrasive costs. Rigorous product trials have revealed additional benefits, including substantial reductions in waste and energy consumption, reaffirming our commitment to a sustainable future for manufacturing."

RazorStar Launch Video

Preview image for the video "⭐ NEW! Norton RazorStar® abrasives - for unbeatable grinding performance!".

RazorStar® belts and discs harness 100% new precision-engineered shaped ceramic grain. This, coupled with a patent-pending method of grain application to the backing, ensures grains are positioned upright, maximizing cut rate, prolonging product life, and minimizing thermal damage to workpieces. A welcome addition to the Norton abrasive lineup for metal grinding, RazorStar® surpasses all other Norton belts and fibre discs. Through both internal and external trials, we've witnessed a significant increase in productivity attributed to its extended lifespan and enhanced sharpness. Norton RazorStar® consistently outperforms all conventional ceramic discs and belts on the market, enabling us to illustrate to our customers how they can achieve greater output with fewer discs, ultimately saving time and money in their operations.

Norton RazorStar - Now Available

Now available, this groundbreaking innovation promises to redefine the benchmarks of metal grinding, offering professionals across various industries an extraordinary leap forward in abrasive technology.