SGSS and AMT sign a strategic alliance agreement

Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions and Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) sign a strategic alliance agreement to fuel the growth of 3D Printing Post Processing

Sheffield, UK (9th November 2022)  – Following the investment in AMT’s series B fund raising in 2021, Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions (SGSS) signed a strategic alliance agreement with AMT.

Signing the Agreement (L-R) – Laurent Tellier (Saint Gobain Surface Solutions CEO), and Joseph Crabtree (AMT CEO and Founder)

Published December 07, 2023

The intent of the agreement is to leverage each other’s knowledge, expertise, and leadership in finishing technologies to drive sales of AMT’s flagship chemical vapor smoothing post processing product called PostPro SF.

Specifically, SGSS and AMT will together apply the Norton application technologies and Norton systems approach to enable the development of a Technology Upgrade Package (TUP) for AMT’s PostPro chemical vapour smoothing (CVS) process. This TUP will consist of a set of automated software enhancements to enable ease of use for operators and efficient utilization of the machines.  

“The collaboration between AMT and Saint-Gobain brings together expertise in surface finishing and automation to deliver new generation surface treatment based on AI. This will provide novel solutions for today’s manufacturing challenges and unlock new window of opportunities for Additive Manufacturing sector.”, commented AMT’s Head of R&D, Dr. Konstantin Rybalcenko

“We are looking forward to deliver enhanced solutions to AMT’s customers through this technology and commercial partnership utilizing the principles from Norton Applications Technology”, said Dr. Anand Tanikella, VP of R&D for Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions.

SGSS and AMT will further work together in offering solutions for newer materials and various applications by integrating CVS into the overall finishing system of customers.  The parties expect new Technology Upgrade Package will be available on a subscription basis in early 2023.

“The strategic alliance agreement is in line with our ambition to be the preferred provider of surface finishing solutions for 3D printed components” said Laurent Tellier, CEO of Saint-Gobain Surface Solutions.

“The feedback from our customers indicated the biggest ‘barrier’ to driving increased adoption and machine usage was the manual recipe creation required for each new set of materials and finishing outcomes. Through our partnership with SGSS, we are focussed on automating the ‘recipes’ that drive the machine. This will increase the overall usage of the machines and improve product development cycles, while improving customer satisfaction. 

We are incredibly excited to partner with Saint-Gobain on this industry critical initiative and look forward to sharing our next updates in early 2023”, stated Joseph Crabtree, CEO and Founder of AMT.

About AMT

AMT is the world’s first 3D printing technology company dedicated to unlocking 3D printing as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing through its innovative suite of post processing hardware. PostPro, developed by AMT, is a digital post processing technology platform that automates the manual and costly steps associated with legacy additive 1.0 ‘low volume & prototyping’ post processing and enables functional ‘high-volume end-use parts’ production from 3D printers. 
PostPro allows companies to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing at scale, by providing an order of magnitude improvement in part throughput, performance, quality, cost, and safety. AMT’s technology platform currently underpins a significant proportion of the world’s largest 3D printing contract manufacturing companies’ part finishing operations. The systems are deployed across 30 countries in over 300 locations, and to date over 10 million parts have been processed with AMT’s post processing technology. 
AMT was founded by CEO Joseph Crabtree in 2017 following his decade-long experience in the traditional manufacturing landscape. The company is venture-backed and now has over 100 employees in the UK, Europe, and the USA.