Training for 24 women from disadvantaged backgrounds

A school to get out of poverty.

With Alúmina Pro, Norton Abrasives Brazil offers women in precarious situations high-quality vocational training in automotive repair. Trained in 2023, the first 10 graduates have found steady employment. A new intake is planned for the first semester 2024.

In Brazil, 17 million families are economically and socially vulnerable. Most of them are carried at arm's length by women, single mothers with no career prospects due to lack of training (1). Yet the automotive aftermarket sector, which generates annual sales of €13 billion in Brazil, employs only 17% women (2). It was this stark observation that prompted Norton Abrasives (Surface Solutions) in Brazil to launch the Alúmina Pro program, with the help of the Saint-Gobain Foundation and partner companies. The aim of this initiative is to offer these women opportunities for reintegration by training them in automotive repair. In 2023, the first program promotion included two classes.

For three months, they were trained in painting, sanding and polishing at specialized schools, Norton workshops and those of its partners. They also received financial assistance, psychological support and career guidance.

They have become ambassadors for the Norton brand and the Alúmina Pro program in their personal and professional circles. The class of 2024 is due to start in April 2024, illustrating the determination of the Surface Solutions teams in Brazil to promote sustainable, inclusive growth with a positive social impact.


1 Source: Auxilio Brasil 22
2 Source: Sindirepa 21.

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